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Marin Minamiya

Born in Japan, December 1996.

Marin Minamiya is a Japanese University student who completed The Explorer’s Grand Slam (Seven summits + North & South Pole) in April 2017 as the youngest person in the world.

Marin has completed:

1: Mt.Aconcagua 2015 Highest Peak in South America
2: Mt.Kilimanjaro 2015 Highest Peak in Africa
3: Mt.Blanc 2015 Highest Peak in Europe
4: Mt. Kosciusko 2015 Highest Peak in Australia
5: Mt.Vinson 2015 Highest Peak in Antarctica
6: Ski to the South Pole 2016
7: Mt. Carstensz Pyramid 2016 Highest Peak in Australasia
8: Mt.Elbrus Highest peak in Eurasia
9: Mt.Everest Highest peak in Asia
10: Mt.Denali Highest peak in North America
11: Ski to the North Pole 2017

南谷真鈴(みなみや まりん)






早稲田大学 政治経済学部 国際政治経済学科在籍中。


(Edited 2017. April)

Marin is the Youngest 8000m climber in Japan, the Youngest woman to have climbed Mt.Manaslu (8163m) in the world, the Youngest Japanese to have climbed Mt.Everest (8850m), and the Youngest Asian person to have completed the Seven Summits (Both Bass and Messner’s list), theYoungest person to have completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam in the world.


全国山の日協議会 山の日アンバサダー
日経BP社 2016 Change Maker of the Year
エイボン・プロダクツ株式会社 2016 女性年度賞 ソーシャル・イノベーション賞


Film by


『 A Day on the Mountain 』

My Instagram

Hey guys I'm back in South Africa from Madagascar #sextant #oceancrossing #sun 🌏🌊⚓️
To build an empire, I just need meticulous planning and 150% execution. And of course, the support of many special people in my life. #comingsoon #project #africansunset 🌊🌏🌞
Sun kissed 🌞💘 #Madagascar #yellowmoon thanks Brit for the 👗
First time killing and preparing a fish - a yellow finned tuna! Thanks to Jaco and everyone on deck for the emotional support. 
I used to fear taking life, but I knew I had to do it one day. This, was the day. I think I had always been living in denial, and didn't really want to face the fact that the meal on my plate was once a moving, living creature with life. Not because I thought the animal was cute or anything, but because I was oblivious to the 'beauty' of what taking a precious life really meant. I still remember to this day when my biology teacher from school brought a live fish to for us to dissect and I cried in the corridor, terrified... in despair, which I know now that my fear came from the ignorance of believing that 'killing' is only brutal and evil. I became vegan for a year till the day I watched an animal eat its prey in real life and realized this is just part of life. A magical cycle that we're all a part of, and as long as you can appreciate that cycle, you can treat all life with love. Even if you're taking its life. That was when I realized my fear came from pure ignorance. (Does that make sense? I'm typing this as I drink rum at a bar in Madagascar) 
Before I decapitated the fish, I looked into the fish's eye and had a brief moment to thank god and the fish for this gift, 'life'... and instantly, I had more appreciation for every life I (had/will) consume(d). The fish was later cooked and fed eight people on our sailing boat - all within an hour from capturing it.
I believe that if a person does not have the courage to kill and prepare an animal by him/herself, s/he shouldn't consume it. 
It's the simple law of life.
It's Monday today... but when you're sailing with 7 men (of which 5 are boers), it means beer, beer, and more beer with a #Braai 🍺🔥🍖
Dave's 40th 🎂 & My first proper #Braai 🌊🔥🍖 captured by @wherestobyjohn_ #braaimaster #braaibroodjies #sunset
Arrived at Richards Bay #waypoints #sailing #seatosummit 🌊🏔⚓️
2017 UNIQLO FALL & WINTER COLLECTION 🌏🏔 #mountains #ユニクロ #ヒートテック
🌊 When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm #god
Getting warmer up the east coast - boys getting some vitamin D 🌊🌏🌞 #vitaminSEA #sailingboat #shower #blessed
To Madagascar 🥀 #capetown #sailinglife
We all live in a puzzling world, but we all look at the same moon... no matter where we are 🐻💘🌝 #sendinglove #myprecious

My Expeditions

Already Completed

2015.1   Mt.Aconcagua

2015.7   Mt.Kilimanjaro

2015.8   Mt.Blanc

2015.10    Mt.Manaslu

2015.12 Mt. Kosciusko

2015.12 Mt.Vinson

2016.1   Ski to the South Pole

2016.2   Mt. Carstensz Pyramid

2016.3   Mt.Elbrus

2016.5   Mt.Everest

2016.7   Mt.Denali

2017.4   Ski to the North Pole

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