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Marin Minamiya

Born in Japan, December 1996.

Marin Minamiya is a Japanese University student who completed The Explorer’s Grand Slam (Seven summits + North & South Pole) in April 2017 as the youngest person in the world.

Marin has completed:

1: Mt.Aconcagua 2015 Highest Peak in South America
2: Mt.Kilimanjaro 2015 Highest Peak in Africa
3: Mt.Blanc 2015 Highest Peak in Europe
4: Mt. Kosciusko 2015 Highest Peak in Australia
5: Mt.Vinson 2015 Highest Peak in Antarctica
6: Ski to the South Pole 2016
7: Mt. Carstensz Pyramid 2016 Highest Peak in Australasia
8: Mt.Elbrus Highest peak in Eurasia
9: Mt.Everest Highest peak in Asia
10: Mt.Denali Highest peak in North America
11: Ski to the North Pole 2017

南谷真鈴(みなみや まりん)






早稲田大学 政治経済学部 国際政治経済学科在籍中。


(Edited 2017. April)

Marin is the Youngest 8000m climber in Japan, the Youngest woman to have climbed Mt.Manaslu (8163m) in the world, the Youngest Japanese to have climbed Mt.Everest (8850m), and the Youngest Asian person to have completed the Seven Summits (Both Bass and Messner’s list), theYoungest person to have completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam in the world.


全国山の日協議会 山の日アンバサダー
日経BP社 2016 Change Maker of the Year
エイボン・プロダクツ株式会社 2016 女性年度賞 ソーシャル・イノベーション賞


Film by


『 A Day on the Mountain 』

My Instagram

産経志塾で講師を努めさせていたさきました!次の講演イベントは 6/18日夏山フェスタ!☺️🏔名古屋ウインクアイチ(駅から徒歩五分)の展示場にて先着400名までとなっております。当日午前9時から整理券が配布されるので、参加されたい方はお早めにお越しください #南谷真鈴 #山 #名古屋
Water bottle or Foam roller?! It's both! Such a smart design. 水筒なのにフォームローラーの役割も!運動の後に最適・・・普段のマッサージにも、セルライトケアにも!!素晴らしいコンセプト 😍 他にもカラーがあるので男性にも 👍🏻#mobotnation #coolestwaterbottleever
もしも永遠に生きることができるのであれば、今の毎日を続けますか? #情熱に生きる
If you could live this life forever... would you continue to carry on with what you do everyday? #liveyourpassion
Your heart is your compass. Let it be your guide and it will direct you to your destination... so learn to listen to your heart 💭 #fuelyourpassion
I'll be back. #2019 #8000m #必ず戻る
#NHK ニュースウォッチ9の一橋さんと代々木公園にてインタビューの後に記念セルフィー #tvpresenter #sportscaster
ラトビア人の友人に影響されて ヘアスタイルを変えてみました 🙌🏻@zanda_jundze
Time. Time is ticking.

Look, is the clock ticking? #life
💐 thank you! I love flowers
3.... 2... 1.. 📽 
@igorkropotov #LIFEWEAR #ユニクロ
I love him, I miss him. You can tell that he likes the sunshine. 🌞 Look at him! smelling flowers.... isn't he precious? I'm coming home soon baby, just to have you in my arms.

My Expeditions

Already Completed

2015.1   Mt.Aconcagua

2015.7   Mt.Kilimanjaro

2015.8   Mt.Blanc

2015.10    Mt.Manaslu

2015.12 Mt. Kosciusko

2015.12 Mt.Vinson

2016.1   Ski to the South Pole

2016.2   Mt. Carstensz Pyramid

2016.3   Mt.Elbrus

2016.5   Mt.Everest

2016.7   Mt.Denali

2017.4   Ski to the North Pole

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